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Welcome to the Homepage of the
International Collaborative Research Centre TRR 160:

Coherent manipulation of interacting spin excitations in tailored semiconductors


Opening of new bilateral collaboration center Sheffield – Dortmund

On 26th of September a high-ranked delegation from the Physics Department of the University of Sheffield visited Dortmund for an informal opening of the new bilateral cooperation center titled “LIGHT-MATTER INTERACTIONS AND QUANTUM PHOTONICS IN NANO-SCALE SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES AND DEVICES”. The project will run for 4.5 years and has a volume of 1.6 Million Pounds provided by EPSRC. The center will enhance on both side the facilities for sample fabrication and spectroscopic studies. [more...]


Cake with TRR 160 logo

News from the TRR 160 bakery:

The official logo is now also available in gingerbread form. A special thanks for this goes out to Irina Yugova, chef de cuisine at St. Petersburg State University!





Involved Institutions

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ICRC - TRR 160
Katharina Sparka
Technische Universität Dortmund
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a
D-44227 Dortmund



Phone +49 (0)231 755 2041
Fax +49 (0)231 755 3674



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