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PhD Meeting

The PhD meeting will embed the students within the framework of the TRR160 as well as enhance the exchange of solutions to day-to-day problems. To ensure open discussion, only PhD students and associated Master students should take part. It is an informal meeting with cake or cookies provided.

Here we will have an overview of the past meetings. There will be given some main topics that were discussed.

  PhD and Master student meeting
Venue Seminar Room CP-01-186
Time Friday, 3pm



30.06.2017 Preparation for PLMCN 18 (Würzburg)
07.07.2017 Spectrometer, Water cooling
14.07.2017 Helium situation, Handling of magneto-cryostats
28.07.2017 Installation of a nitrogen purge system for lasers
04.08.2017 Operation of the Monovista setup
11.08.2017 Effects of the recent blackout, Arrangements for blackouts
18.08.2017 PhD defense of Thomas
25.08.2017 Impressions of COMSATS at Islamabad
01.09.2017 Professional maintenance for laser systems
08.09.2017 Climate control in the laboratories
15.09.2017 Licenses of self-made journal publications
22.09.2017 Preparing orders for the mechanical workshop
29.09.2017 Climate control in the labs (again)
06.10.2017 Preparation for the TRR 160 meeting in St. Petersburg
13.10.2017 TRR 160 meeting in St. Petersburg
20.10.2017 Efficient literature research
27.10.2017 Modulation of the laser beam
03.11.2017 Helium recovery system
10.11.2017 Working at Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
17.11.2017 3He extraction and usage
24.11.2017 Non-standard lenses
01.12.2017 Scientific writing course
08.12.2017 Operating a dye laser
15.12.2017 Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs)
12.01.2018 PhD defense of Manuel
19.01.2018 Computer algebra systems (CAS)
26.01.2018 MagicPlot
02.02.2018 Remote lab operation
09.02.2018 Liquid gas handling
16.02.2018 Take precautions at high magnetic fields
23.02.2018 Calibrate a spectrometer
02.03.2018 Preparation for the DPG Spring Meeting 2018
09.03.2018 Preparation for the DPG Spring Meeting 2018
16.03.2018 DPG Spring Meeting 2018
23.03.2018 Optical fibres
06.04.2018 Placing orders
13.04.2018 Spin noise spectroscopy
20.04.2018 Surviving a PhD defense
27.04.2018 What is an ellipsometer?
04.05.2018 Modulation of light polarization
11.05.2018 Gaussian optics

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