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ECMolS 2022

5th to 8th April 2022
Event type:
  • Conference

European Conference on Molecular Spintronics 2022

The group Experimentelle Physik VI at TU Dortmund University lead by Prof. Mirko Cinchetti organizes the ECMolS22, which is the “European Conference on Molecular Spintronics 2022” that will be held in Dortmund from 5th to 8th April 2022.

The website of the conference is:

ECMolS is a series of conferences, whose previous editions took place in Bologna (2016) and in Peniscola (2018). The 2022 edition, supported by the TRR 160, has the goal to gather the community working in the field of molecular spintronics, that comprises the following research areas: organic spintronics, molecular electronics, molecular magnetism and molecular quantum technologies. In addition to these traditional topics, the third edition of ECMolS will be opened also to scientists investigating 2D materials, with special focus on proximity effects at the interface between two material layers.

ECMolS2022 logo. A skyline of Dortmund in cartoon style with the individual letters ECMolS 2022 between the buildings.