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Project B9

Ultrafast Control of Spins in Magnetically Ordered 2D Materials

The goal of this project is the ultrafast manipulation of the magnetic order in 2D few-layers-thin AF semiconductors. First, we will characterize them extensively, analyzing the structural, magnetic and electronic properties of the ground state by means of a wide variety of spectroscopic approaches (Raman, optical, magneto-optical, photoemission, moment-spectromiscroscopy) utilised as a function of several experimental parameters (magnetic and electric field, temperature). Then, we will employ the knowledge developed in the characterization phase to optically manipulate spin on the ultrafast timescale. The results of this project will directly address the fundamental question concerning the feasibility of ultrafast control of the magnetic order in low-dimensional magnets.

Research Staff

Researcher Affiliation Position
Dr. Davide Bossini TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Mirko Cinchetti TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Dr. Alexandra M. Kalashnikova Ioffe Institute Principal Investigator
Dr. Valery G. Davydov Ioffe Institute Associated Scientist
Dr. Nikolay E. Khokhlov Ioffe Institute Associated Scientist