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Cooperation and exhibition LICHT - световая кооперация

The exhibition "LICHT" is a result of the cooperation between TRR160 and the Faculty of Arts of TU Dortmund. The exhibition displays the processes in an optics laboratory and reflects both scientists' and photographers' perception of light.

For the duration of two semesters, a working seminar was established in which physicists explain their view of light as well as students of arts capture the light in an optics laboratory. Students of the faculty of arts joined the laboratory once a week to take in situ photographs. The ICRC TRR 160 exhibits its laboratories to the public through the photographers' eyes.

In the course of a collaboration between the ICRC TRR 160 and the Faculty of Arts of TU Dortmund, the exhibition "LICHT" was presented at Dortmunder U, Level U1. The exhibition was open from May 30th until July 5th 2018 and was launched with an opening ceremony.

Invitation Card

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 29th 2018 at 6pm in Dortmunder U.

Welcome address

Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Prorector Diversity Management

Introductory address

Timo Klos, Lecturer in Photography

Opening address

Dr. Jörg Debus, Experimental Physics 2