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Project B4

Spin Interactions Between Magnetic Ions and Carriers

The project focuses on studying spin interactions between magnetic ions and conduction-band and valence-band carriers in semiconductor nanostructures doped with both manganese as well as rare-earth ions. The key factor for understanding the, in particular, exchange interactions is their scaling with external fields and the concentrations of the magnetic ions and carriers. The impact of two-dimensional carrier gases on the magnetic ion spins with respect to collective spin phenomena like the topological Hall and Kondo effect will be studied. These studies will be rounded off by investigating spin interactions, merely of photo-induced magnetic polarons, in intrinsically magnetic europium chalcogenides.

Research Staff

Researcher Affiliation Position
Dr. Jörg Debus TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Andreas D. Wieck Ruhr-Universität Bochum Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Yuri G. Kusrayev Ioffe Institute Principal Investigator
Dr. Victor V. Pavlov Ioffe Institute Principal Investigator
Dr. Arne Ludwig Ruhr-Universität Bochum Associated Scientist