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Project A5

Basic Problems of Spin Noise Signal Formation

This project is aimed to study the influence of external perturbations on spin systems in thermal equilibrium by the spin noise methodology. We want to provide comparative studies of unperturbed vs. perturbed spin systems, for which the perturbations are provided either by optical illumination or by radio-frequency fields influencing the nuclear surrounding of localized carriers. Furthermore, we plan to develop cavity-enhanced spin noise spectroscopy and apply it to different spin systems with the goal to detect magnetic resonances and study the dynamics of spins through higher order correlations.

Research Staff

Researcher Affiliation Position
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Dr. Valerii S. Zapasski St. Petersburg State University Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Mikhail M. Glazov Ioffe Institute Principal Investigator
Dr. Alex Greilich TU Dortmund Associated Scientist