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Project A3

Transient Four-Wave Mixing with Spins

The project focuses on photon echo phenomena involving semiconductor nanostructures (quantum wells and quantum dots) with localized resident carriers subject to external magnetic fields. The goal is to combine optical and spin excitations in an inhomogeneously broadened system to realize long-lived optical quantum memories. The interaction of resonant optical pulses with fundamental optical excitations such as excitons or trions with well-defined spin level structure will be explored. Stimulated and spontaneous photon echoes will be analyzed using transient four-wave mixing with heterodyne detection.

Research Staff

Researcher Affiliation Position
Prof. Dr. Ilya Akimov TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Dr. Sergey V. Poltavtsev St. Petersburg State University Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Irina A. Yugova St. Petersburg State University Principal Investigator