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Project C5

Enhanced Magneto-Optics in Plasmonic Structures

The project focuses on the interaction between surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and magnetic ions in semiconductors. Magneto-plasmonic crystals consisting of periodically patterned noble metal films or nanoparticles (Au, Ag) on top of paramagnetic (CdMnTe) or ferromagnetic (GaMnAs) semiconductor nanostructures will be studied spectroscopically. We will elaborate the possibilities for optical orientation of excitons by SPP excitation and exploit the strong sp-d exchange interaction between excitons and magnetic ions for optical control of SPP propagation and magnetization.

Research Staff

Researcher Affiliation Position
Prof. Dr. Ilya A. Akimov TU Dortmund Principal Investigator
Dr. Alexander N. Poddubny Ioffe Institute Principal Investigator