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Coherent Manipulation of Interacting Spin Excitations in Tailored Semiconductors

The strong interest in spin excitations in semiconductors is based on the expectation that a control of their magnetic properties in addition to their electrical and optical features could enable all-in-one-chip solutions in in­for­mation processing. Decisive progress in that respect may be achieved if the coherence of spin excitations could be exploited in manipulation not only of an individual spin, but also of deliberately interacting spins, potentially giving access to a wealth of novel functionalities such as coherent spin-switching. The current ICRC "Coherent manipulation of interacting spin excitations in tailored semiconductors" between the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute and the State University in St. Petersburg as well as the TU Dort­mund comprises the whole spectrum of necessary activities in material technology, coherent spectroscopy and advanced modeling.

TRR 160 logo: Two coupled spins. One of them is excited by an electromagnetic waveform pulse.

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